Thursday, May 3, 2012

What if...?

When our back is against the wall (individually or corporately) it seems that 99% of our attempts to relieve the pressure or escape the situation are rooted in fear. What if they don't like the decision I make? What if they don't like ME? What if I lose their respect? What if...? Interestingly, we never find Jesus resorting to those kind of questions when his back was against the wall. Conflict, pain, loss, and abandonment were regular occurrences for him, and through it all he seemed to be asking a different What if...? question, one rooted in love: WHAT IF MY FATHER HAD HIS WAY WITH THIS RELATIONSHIP OR SITUATION? Jesus' M.O. was one of seeking the will of his Father (because he LOVED him!) even when the going got tough, which seemed to be most of the time. This posture of loving obedience led Jesus into times of solitude - to pray for his Father's will to be done even when it would cost him his life - and it also led him into intense conflicts where grace and truth needed to be lovingly proclaimed (in both word and deed). From this it seems that Jesus' courage came from knowing that it wasn't his own will that he was carrying out, rather it was his Father's will. So, what situations or relationships are adding weight to your soul? What do you sense your loving Father's will is for them? How does his will differ from your own will and what desires, attitudes, or even beliefs do you need to repent of in order to align yourself with his will? As you live in the ebb and flow of relationships and organizations, may God's desire for you and those you connect with become your desire as well.