Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second behind...?

Last night I was flying home from Springfield, Illinois and because it's a small airport our flight was the only one scheduled to take off for the rest of the night ...or so I thought. After boarding the plane and leaving the gate, we rolled to the end of the tarmac at which point I assumed the pilot would simply turn the corner onto the runway and begin his acceleration. Not so. Instead, we slowed to a halt, paused for about 10 seconds and then the pilot's announcement came, "Folks, this is the pilot. We are currently second in line for takeoff so it should only be another 2-3 minutes." What?! Second in line? Behind who? Was there a father and son duo on the runway flying their remote-controlled plane? Was there a flock of geese lining up for takeoff? Was Balloon Boy II preparing to lift off? Who in the world was ahead of us in line? Since I was seated in the aisle I couldn't get a good look at who (or what) was ahead of us and honestly I can't say I heard another plane's jet engines roar or any geese honk during those two minutes we sat on the runway. But sit there we did. And after waiting for 2 minutes it was our turn takeoff.

Thinking about all the possibilities about who or what was ahead of us made me laugh, and it still does. I wonder how I can get my hands on the airport's activity report.